Saturday, 10 August 2013

Evernote Tip : Scan to Evernote without a computer

This is a trick for people like me who stores alot of printed documents inside Evernote.

Everyday, we still get a lot of information in the form of printed documents coming to us that we need to keep. Examples would be receipts, warranty information, pricelist, user manuals etc ...

Naturally, Evernote would be the ideal place to store all these kinds of information. But how would you get these printed documents into Evernote?

Of course, the natural answer would be to scan it. 

Yes. But a lot of times, we get the document and our computer is not on. And we do not wish to go through the hassle of turning everything on.

The way that I do it is using the email that evernote gives you, together with a scanner that has a scan to email function.

If you look under [Account Info] inside Evernote, you will find an email address that evernote has given to you. Anything that you email to this address will instantly become a new note in your default notebook. There are desktop versions as well as larger copier size versions that have this functionality. Most of these scanners will allow you to choose between JPG or PDF format. So if the scanner has a document feeder, you can even scan a multiple pages in as a PDF document.

Just select [Scan to email], input your evernote email address and you will get the scanned document as a new note the next time you open Evernote.

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